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CNC Production


In manufacturing industry, CNC process enables manufacturers to produce parts with complex geometries in a short period of time with repeatability. CNC is to cutting material by a computer numerical control machines. CNC machining process translates 3D CAD data to CNC machines. CNC is able to produce prototypes with actual production materials which replace those by additive manufacturing method. CNC manufacturing method allows manufacturers to create parts with material that is intended for production use. It is an ideal choice for rapid prototyping metal and plastic parts which request high quality, high degree dimensional accuracy, high level surface finishes and material properties. CNC machining is popular in prototyping and production industrial all around the world.

CNC Machining

Computer numerical control is a set of machines that use a computer to interact the machining tool and work-pieces. CNC machining is a manufacturing process that transforms a block of material into a finished product by the material removing process. CNC machines are classified by functions. For example, CNC lathe, CNC laser, CNC water jet cutter, CNC milling and more. CNC machining is a critical part in different industries, like aerospace, agriculture, automotive, dental, construction, metalwork, firearms, hospitality, military, transportation, etc.

CNC machining offers many common advantages. It allows high precision. CNC machines are able to perfect the precision and offer accuracy within a thousandth of an inch. CNC machine s can run 24 hours automatically without break while maintain consistent quality. Once the data has been transferred to the machines, there is no further instruction needed. So, when it comes to produce the same part in high volume, CNC machining is an ideal choice. CNC machines can carry out all adjustments automatically. With multi-axis CNC machines, it is much easier to produce complex parts with unattainable geometries. CNC machining help to reduce material wastes. CNC machines can do very tight tolerance. Parts are produced perfectly identical. CNC machining provides manufacturers with more freedom at low cost. With CNC machining, there is no product limitation as CNC machines offer innovative and state of the art features.

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