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What Is High Pressure Die Casting?


High pressure die casting is a manufacturing process that the molten metal is forced by high pressure into a metal die cavity. A powerful press holds it until the metal solidifies. When the metal solidifies, the die is unlocked and opened, the casting ejected. After the casting is removed, the die is closed and locked aging for the next round run. In high pressure die casting process, molten metal is injected by high speed and high pressure into the mold. Horizontal High Pressure Die Casting machines ensure that the die is closed. The closing force can apply ranging from 550 to 5700 tones.

Pressure Die Casting


Two types of system that used for injecting the molten metal into the die include the hot chamber system and the cold chamber system. Depending on the type of metal being used, the injection unite can be either hot chamber or color chamber. The hot chamber system is normally used with metals like zinc, lead and magnesium. The injection system of the hot chamber machines is immersed in the molten metal. It forces metal through the nozzle and into the die as the shot plunger moves. The cold chamber system is used for metals which is melt in high temperatures such as aluminum, magnesium and brass. Magnesium parts could be created by using the hot and the cold chamber system. Cold chamber high pressure die casting is an ideal process to produce a vast range of aluminum and magnesium automotive casting like gearbox casing, engine blocks, engine mounts, structural parts, oil sumps. As hot chamber machines have size limitation, small magnesium parts are produced in hot chamber machines and large magnesium parts in cold chamber machines. Two injection system used in the cold chamber process is horizontal and vertical injection.


With high Pressure Die Casting, large light alloy parts can be produced in large volume and high speeds. High pressure die casting machines deliver light alloy parts with high precision, high quality surface finish and excellent mechanical properties. High pressure die casting process is able to build parts with thin walls and co-cast parts like screw and liners.


Here at TEAM Rapid, we will work with customers on their requirements and offer the best advice to achieve the best results of their projects. If you need help on your high pressure die casting projects, contact us at today.

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