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Surface Finishing for Your Rapid Prototypes


TEAM Rapid provides a variety Surface Fnishing options for your rapid prototypes. We understand every finish’s performances and can suggest the costumers to add value by improving aesthetics and durability through these post finish.

Rapid Prototyping Services


Here are the post finish can be handled at TEAM Rapid:


Brushing- This finish is usually applied to aluminium or steel for aesthetically pleasing brushed metal surfaces.

Mirror Polishing – This finish can be applied to not only plastic such as PMMA, PC but also metal like Aluminum, Brass, Stainless Steel. Your product will come out shiny after this finish.

Anodizing – Typically for Aluminum 6061, 6063, 6082, the product after anodizing can withstand erosion.

Chrome plating, and chroming by vacuum deposition / chrome sputtering.

Blasting – This finish is for matt surface finish on metal or plastic Rapid Prototypes. Roughness can be adjusted by the grade of sand used.

Powder Coat – Powder coating in black color is the commonly applied in metal parts.

Painting – gloss, matt and texture simulant.


Are you working on rapid prototypes which need post finishing service? Contact our team at today and get a best solution from our engineers.

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