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Die Casting


Die casting is a casting process that injecting molten material by high pressure into molds. This process is used to produce zinc and aluminum parts with thin wall and complex shapes. Die casting has its ability of produce difficult shape parts. TEAM Rapid is one of the leading die casting manufacturers that specialized for producing aluminum or zinc castings. Our die casting are used in a wide range of industries includes Automotive, Agricultural, Commercial Vehicle, Heavy Equipment, Off-Highway and Recreational Vehicles.

Die Casting

At TEAM Rapid, we are equipped with the most advanced die casting machines with tonnage ranging from 160T to 2500T. We are able to build small, medium and large parts. We combine knowledge and project management methods to support our valued customers, from concept to mass production. We specialize in making aluminum and zinc alloy materials cast products. We are a quality-driven manufacturer and mechanical part supplier. Our facility allows us to do die casting process and the secondary machining operations.

We use a top-of-the-line die cast tooling design process for creating our molds from several material types. Our engineering team use computerized modeling to simulate the filling, cooling and expected shrinkage for highly complex components which allow evaluation and refinement of the tooling design before tooling construction begins. This helps to produce the tooling efficiently. Our professional team of engineer offer perpetual tool and mold maintenance for the lifetime which allow cost savings.

Machining services are one of the biggest advantages in our facility. OEM parts are processed through automated and user operated CNC machining includes horizontal, vertical and 5 axis. Secondary service operations can include grinding, trimming, deburring, vibratory finishing, milling, drilling, tapping, threading, polishing, pressure testing, ultra washing and final assembly.

We are there for you at every step right from your preferred selection of Die Casting. Our expert team of customer care service executives conducts an end-of-project review, measuring ourselves against defined performance criteria and utilizing your feedback to identify the desired changes. Solve all of issue for your products develop requirement until the perfect result.

If you are looking for aluminum casting supplier that offer you competitive price, good service and quality for aluminum and zinc die casting, you are at the right place. We are providing quality pressure die casing to customers all around the world. Contact TEAM Rapid at today.

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