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When Should I Choose Low Volume Manufacturing


Manufacturing is always a great topic which bears on product and technology development. How to improve the efficiency of manufacturing is a topic we strive on. Here, we are going to talk about low volume manufacturing, when should I choose Low Volume Manufacturing?

Low Volume Manufactruing


Quantity- do you need low volume 1000 or 5000 parts at a short time? We can simplify the traditional process by low volume manufacturing methods to improve the production efficiency, which always means a shorter lead time, you can promote your products in market earlier than your competitors.


Revisions/Modifications – in the earlier phase of product development, it always involves design changes and modifications. If the revisions/modifications take quite a long time, it definitely bears on your sale and marketing. Low volume manufacturing can have a short modifications lead-time, which helps a lot to the designers.


On Demand – there are unlimited part quantity of Low Volume Manufacturing, we are happy to make even 1 part. In this way, you can have no inventory cost and save a lot of investment.


TEAM Rapid offers rapid prototyping and low volume manufacturing services to meet the customers’ requirements. We aim to save your cost and lead-time without compromising the quality. Are you looking for low volume manufacturing services in China? Contact us at and get a free quote today

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