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How to Avoid Al Die Casting Defects


We always bear in mind how to avoid die casting defects when you have Al parts to be casted. The less defects means the higher production efficiency and less costs. Here, we are going to talk about how to avoid die casting defects on Al Die Casting parts.

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Gas porosity: We can’t stop the gas porosities, but we can eliminate it by optimizing the mold design and machining allowance, do our best to hide the gas porosities in an unimportant and invisible position. If your product has high requirements and specifications, we suggest choose brand Die Casting machine with center furnace.


Shrink porosity: We can try to enlarge the gate size and use bigger die casting machine to kill it.


Crack: We use the brand raw material to solve it and with center furnace, this can avoid cracks on the rough casting.


Wrapping: the design bears on the flatness of casted parts. Typically, the longer and narrow part usually has bigger wrapping. To eliminate this wrapping, we often suggest the designer to create as many support ribs as possible, meanwhile, we will optimize the casting parameters to minimize wrapping issue.


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