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Understanding of Low Volume Manufacturing Services

In the earliest manufacturing, an experienced craftsman hand-built products one by one. As the demand for cheaper and faster products grown, factory and mass production occur. Nowadays,  high efficient facilities output is millions per year.

But what if you only need to produce 1000, 100 or even 10 per year? Low-Volume Manufacturing Services help you! Why? Let’s explore this question in this article.


Low Volume Manufacturing helps you to reduce overall cost and save time.

Costs of the tooling and setup always play a critical role in project budget. Low Volume manufacturing will reduce the cost of tooling without requiring any minimum orders. Compared to traditional manufacturing method, low-volume manufacturing method is more cost-effective because it is quicker in building and shorten the overall production cycle. It helps you to invest less money in tooling and materials. Even your tools wear out during production, you need to make new ones, there is no extra charge. Also, low-volume manufacturers will hep you with a faster and a flexible order. If you are a company who is in the early stage, or your company is small or medium size, you will benefit from it.

Low Volume Manufacturing gives you more flexible design.

Have you experienced that you wanted to modify you design during manufacturing? Worried about the cost impact? No, it won’t impact the order since the quantity is small.

Rapid prototyping and 3D models are the ideal way which give you flexible design. Low Volume manufacturing service allows you to perfect your products without great cost impact.

Low Volume Manufacturing Services helps to bridge gap between prototyping and mass production

Small batch of pre-production trial is the helpful way before moving into mass production. You will have chance to think about the best practice and further cost saving as volume increases. It also provides another chance to define the designs before mass production. So, low volume manufacturing essentially acting as the critical step in between prototyping and mass production.

Low Volume Manufacturing provides faster access to markets. 

Building a unique is a kind of success, being the first in the market another victory. With low-volume manufacturing services, lead times are shorter. Products go to market days, weeks or months earlier compared to traditional manufacturing way.

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