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Your Reliable Prototype and Manufacturing Supplier in China

TEAM Rapid MFG Co., Ltd wishes you a happy New Year 2020! And please pass on our best wishes to your team and family.

Rapid Prototype

TEAM Rapid is China’s foremost Manufacturing Supplier, offering the highest quality products and services at the most competitive prices. 

About 10 years of industry experience and development.

Excellent equipment and highly skilled employees.

the latest Prototype technologies(CNC machining & 3D printing & Sheet Metal processing ) and massive range of surface finishing techniques.

If you need to prototyping or customized parts in small to high volume in China, we will be your best choice, we understand your standard and can suggest the best manufacturing way to cut down your costs and lead-time. Do you have a prototype or manufacturing project you would like quoted? Simply send us a 3D CAD design file at and our engineers will provide you with a quote at soonest!

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