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Some Standard Features in Injection Molding Design

Injection Molding

Plastic Injection Molding is widely used in making plastic parts. A good product design such as less undercuts, neat parting lines, less shut off areas etc, which can greatly helped in cutting down the tooling and molding costs. Here, we are going to talk about some standard features in injection molding design, hope they can help you to optimize your product design.


Wall thickness – a consistent wall thickness usually can reduce the Injection Molding Parts defects such as warping, sinking etc. Also, it is good for the part to cool down evenly, this is helpful for the dimensions stability. Typically, the wall thickness around 2~3mm is good for molding.


Rounded features – doing the best to avoid any sharp corners and edges on the mold/product, as these features always lead to flow marks and stress. Meanwhile, if the product has unavoidable sharp corners and edges, we suggest selecting material in good flow ability to mold the products.


Draft –applying draft to vertical walls can increase its strength, also, the part can release easily when with corrected draft. It is necessary in the Injection Molding Design.


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