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Rapid Prototyping


Rapid Prototyping

As the market demand increases, rapid prototyping is getting more and more important. In this article, we would like to give you an overview over the technology of rapid prototyping.

Rapid prototyping is described the methods for fast production of models, patterns or simple prototypes by using generative production methods. To perform this technology, providing the development of a data interface is important. The data interface can give exact descriptions of the geometries of the parts and can be used by rapid prototyping mechanisms. Over time Rapid Prototyping also included the terms Rapid Tooling and Rapid Manufacturing. Rapid Tooling is the rapid production tools and tooling inserts by using the same procedures as in Rapid Prototyping. Rapid Tooling is for individualized products, components or customer-focused and small numbers of products are needed, interesting.


The most common manufacturing methods of rapid prototyping includes colorjet, fused deposition modeling, SLA, PolyJet, selective laser sintering (SLS) / Selective laser melting, HP multi jet fusion. There are some methods which are less known but still interesting like contour crafting, laminated object modeling, electron beam additive manufacturing, laser engineered net shaping and space puzzle molding.

The biggest advantage for Rapid Prototyping is that people could get the model, prototype or tool which they want really quick. Lead time depends on selected methods, size, complexity of the parts and the quality of the digital model. Production will not take longer than a few days usually. Model and prototypes can be used more often. The printed parts can be used for visualizations or exhibitions. And also can help to reduce wrong design. Because of the generative construction of parts, there is no large part of waste like cutting, milling, turning or grinding do which reduce the cost and save resources. The inexpensive acquisition costs for rapid prototyping machines make it possible for more and more manufacturers to buy their own printer and and so produce their own models, prototypes or end products. Manufacturers don’t need to buy such services or products from other suppliers. Rapid prototyping technology makes it possible to manufacture spare parts or gadgets by themselves, and to be independently from other manufacturers or suppliers.

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