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Aluminum High-pressure Die Casting

High pressure die casting is a fully automatic, high productivity, large volume process to build complex part. It is able to manufacture part in different weights ranging from a few grams to over 15kgs. In the past, high pressure die casting is used in housing product production. But this has been changed. High pressure die casting is competitive for automotive applications. It is an attractive production method in today’s new market.

Aluminum Pressure Die Casting

Aluminum Pressure Die Casting is a manufacturing process that molten aluminum is injected with a die casting machine by force by considerable pressure into a steel mold or die to get the desired products. The main types of high pressure die casting include cold-chamber and hot-chamber processes. Cold-chamber high pressure die casting is a process that molten metal is poured into a cold shot chamber, then, a high pressure plunger forces metal into a single or multi-die cavity. Hot-chamber high pressure die casting is a process that a gooseneck hot chamber is submerged in a pot of molten metal. Then, the metal is injected from the pot via the gooseneck.

High pressure die casting is suitable when it comes to cast high dimensional accuracy and small to large volume. In aluminum pressure die casting, aluminum is injected into the die by high pressure using full automatic high pressure machines. High pressure machines have a closure pressure of 400 to 1,300 KN. High pressure casting is suitable for large batches production. It offers low cost and very high dimensional accuracy. Aluminum pressure die casting part is corrosion resistant and highly conductive. It has a good stiffness and strength-to-weight ratio. High pressure die casting production is rapid. It allows to manufacturing die casting part in high volume very quickly. Compared to alternative casting processes, it is cost-effective. Aluminum die casting alloys are lightweight and suitable for complex part geometries and thin walls. Aluminum is corrosion resistant and thermal and electrical conductive. Aluminum die casting process retains a durable strength at high temperature.  

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