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Aluminum Die Casting Products by China Aluminum Die Casting


If you want to launch your products on the market quickly and economically, you need to find a manufacturer who is able to make perfect tool and use the best suitable process and technology to fit your products. Complex unique piece which will be a part suitable for mass production in aluminum die casting requests rich knowledge so the parts can be manufactured in a reliable, stable and effective way. TEAM Rapid, our expertise is involved in development process including development, engineering, tool construction and production so we are able to turn customers’ drawing into real Aluminum Die Casting Products. Our experienced team of engineers can adjust the geometry of the parts so the aluminum die casting process is reliable and. We will create the perfect package for every product which consists casting process, machining, surface treatment, testing and assembly. 


Aluminum Die Casting is a very demanding manufacturing process. It is a very complex process with tight manufacturing tolerances. Aluminum die casting process requires a high level of skill. During aluminum die casting process, molten aluminum is poured into the mold by high pressure and high speed. When it comes to produce metal alloy parts with complex structures, die casting is a reasonable manufacture process. It used hard steel to make complex cavities which increases the life of the mold. High quality parts can be copied in a large quantity. Die casting process has been widely used in various industries because of the versatility, quality stability and accuracy of die casting process. Aluminum die casting process allows to producing complex aluminum parts with clean edges and smooth surface economically. Compared to other manufacturing process, cycle time of die casting process is short. It allows to producing parts with complex geometry and homogeneous quality. And the returns proportion is small. Aluminum die casting is suitable to produce aluminum parts with complex structures, transmission like housing structure, carrier board, cooling elements etc. At TEAM Rapid, we have die casting machines with a locking force of 5,000 to 16,000KN. The component weight is between 0.25kg and 5.0kg.

Pressure Die Casting Products


Components can either be manufactured as precision finished casting or finally finished depending on the requirement. Aluminum die casting is becoming more and more important in the future. Aluminum components are lightweight, they will be replacing other material increasingly as the weight save resources and reduces fuel consumption and CO? in automotive industry.


Compared with other casting processes, die casting process have more limitation in material choice. Die casting mainly use light alloy material like aluminum alloys, magnesium alloys and zinc alloys. Die casting parts are more precise and the surface is more perfect because of the precision metal cavity. The density of the parts is good. Die casting process do not require additional processes while other processes require additional treatment such as grinding the feed port, surface shot blasting or polishing. So die casting process has advantage in efficiency and cost save.


So, how die casting services work? The first thing is to design the mold according to the part requirements. To optimize the quality and stability, creating a design plan for the metal mold with smooth surface and simulate the production process is necessary. When manufacture mold, use high precision CNC machining method to engrave the mold cavity with hard metal materials. In die casting manufacturing, use high pressure equipment to inject molten metal into the metal cavity. It can help to improve production and manufacturing efficiency when use multiple cavities in the mold design. When the products come out, CNC machining, surface treatment, heat treatment can be performed according to customized requirements. Packing is last but not least as safe packaging allows customers to receive satisfactory products.


TEAM Rapid is a die casting manufacturer in China. We provide one-stop customized Pressure Die Casting Products manufacturing solutions. We have strong manufacturing resources for die casting services and provide customers with the highest quality die castings manufacturing services in different industries in more than 30 countries. If you need help on your die casting projects, contact our experienced die casting expert team at today.

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