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Understanding Of CNC Milling

Computer numerical control milling is also known as CNC milling. It is a machining process that utilize computerized controls and rotating multi point cutting tools to remove material from the large block and manufacture a desired shape of parts. CNC milling process is suitable to machine a wide range of materials like metal, plastic, glass, wood and more. CNC milling is a mechanical machining process meaning that material is removed from the block material by mechanical means such as the cutting tools of milling machines. This article will give you an in-depth look at CNC milling. If you are searching for CNC Milling China, contact us at  today.

CNC milling is a type of machining which uses cutter to shape a work piece. CNC milling is high precise, accurate and offer high production rates. Milling began out as a manual job operated by humans. Manual milling requests a lot of skill and experience. Manual milling provides fast turnaround times. It is cheaper and there is no need to worry about the machine programming.

CNC Milling China

CNC milling process is using computerized controls to operate machine tools that cut stock material. CNC machining processes include designing a CAD model, converting the CAD model to a CNC program, setting the CNC milling machine and execute the milling machines.

CNC milling process starts with 2D or 3D parts design creation. Then, the design is exported to a CNC file format and converted by CAM software in to a CNC machine program. Operator prepares the CNC milling machine by attaching the workpiece to the work surface of machines before they run the CNC program. CNC milling process employs horizontal milling machines depending on the milling application specification and requirements. When the machine is ready, operators launch the program to execute the milling operation. When CNC milling process begins, machine rotates the cutting tool. Machine will feed the workpiece into the stationary, move the tool across the stationary workpiece or move both tool and workpiece to each other depending on the type of milling machine and milling application requirements. CNC milling is the best suitable to machined workpiece. It offers definition to part’s feature like holes, slots and thread. CNC milling process is also used to shape a stock piece of material. When CNC milling operation is finished, the milled parts will be sent to the finishing and post-processing level for production.

CNC Milling is suitable for manufacturing prototypes, small to medium production runs with high accuracy and high tolerance. Parts can be produced with tolerances ranging from +/-.001 to +/-.005 in. Some milling machines can achieve tolerance even greater than +/-.005 in. Common CNC milling operation includes face milling, plain milling, angular milling and form milling.

CNC milling process employs software applications, machines tools and milling machinery depending on the performed milling operation. CNC milling uses CAD software to create part design and CAM software to do CNC program. CNC program is loaded to CNC machine to initiate and execute the CNC milling process. Most CNC machines can share the same basic components which include machine interface, column, knee, saddle, worktable, spindle, arbor, ram and machine tool.

CNC machining is a wonderful production process which can help to improve the man-machine ratio, labor need, enhance production adaptability and product value, minimize production cost and avoid unnecessary waste. It is time to choose a reliable CNC machining manufacturer for your next job. If you are looking for someone to help with CNC milling parts, just simply contact our sales team today!

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