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What Is CNC Machining


CNC which stands for “computer numerical control”, it is a subtractive manufacturing process that uses computerized machines and controls to remove layers of material from a block material. At TEAM Rapid, CNC machining process is suitable for a wide range of materials which include metal, plastic, glass, foam, composite, wood etc. Our CNC machining allows to producing parts with high precision and accuracy. CNC machining enables to manufacture small and medium volume quantity cost-effectively. If you need help on your CNC machining projects, contact us to get a Instant Online CNC Quote China.

CNC Machining

CNC machining process begins with 2D or 3D design. CAD allows manufacturers to create a model of parts with technical specifications like dimensions and geometries. CNC machined parts design has limitation because of the CNC machine and tooling’s capabilities. Part geometries are limited because the tooling creates curved corner sections. Design possibilities like minimum part thickness, maximum parts size and complexity of internal cavities and features are also restricted by materials, tooling design and machine holding ability.

CNC Machining is suitable for a wide range of industries which include construction, agriculture, aerospace, automotive and more. A lot of products like hand and garden tools, automobile frames, surgical equipment, airplane engines etc are made through CNC machining process. The most common mechanical CNC machining operations include drill, milling, turning, boring, broaching, sawing. Milling operation brings a rotating cutting tool to contact a stationary workpiece. Turning is an operation that rotates a workpiece to contact the cutting tool. Drilling is an operation that brings a rotating cutting tool to contact the workpiece to make a hole. Boring operation removes material to from a inner cavity. Broaching operation removes material with shallow cuts. Sawing operation cuts a narrow slit in the workpiece with a saw blade.

CNC machining is automated and allows to achieving high accuracy and precision. CNC machining attains a high level of complexity and customization. It is also efficient and cost-effective. To find more information about CNC machining or need help for your custom manufacturing, contact us to get a instant online CNC quote china.

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