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How is the Different between Die Casting and Other Casting

Pressure Die Casting

Pressure Die Casting is widely used in manufacturing customized parts in metal. This is a great process which offers many metal parts in different shape ranges from easy to complex. The rigidity, look and feel of solid metal. Documented fatigue strength characteristics, excellent sound damping properties, inherent EMI shielding for electronic applications, and part serviceability and recyclability, all these are the advantages of pressure die casting.

Benefits to the advanced die casting process, which cast the most intricate part details by using premium quality steel dies under high pressure and temperatures, Casting can be rapidly and consistently produced to close tolerances, often eliminating all machining. Differ from the sand casting mold which always require a new mold with each castings or gate of casting, the production efficiency is raised quite a lot by Pressure Die Casting Process. Also, we can obtain good surfaces finish parts with less porosity.

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