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Can I Get Aluminum Prototype via Pressure Die Casting

Pressure Die Casting Service


Pressure die casting a high efficient process in manufacturing, it is not only suitable for high volume mass production but also for low volume manufacturing. Combine the MUD mold base system and the assisted post machining process, we can make low volume metal parts quickly, which is good to produce your prototype and low volume metal parts at lower cost and shorter lead-time.


When should I consider pressure die casting for my Aluminum Prototype? It depends on part’s structure and quantities. For some tiny and completed features, which can’t be processed by CNC machining, we can consider the pressure die casting if the part’s demanded quantity over 50 or even more. If the demanded volume is too small, opening a pressure die casting tool will be not economy.


What can I expected from pressure die casting? You own the tool. You can make your prototypes/parts in different quantities at one time of by a regular basis time frame. The more part you need, the low unit part price you can have.


TEAM Rapid offers Pressure Die Casting Service to meet your prototypes and low to high volume production needs. Our engineering team has over 10 years experience in tool making and pressure die casting process, we know how to optimize the tooling to meet your design needs.

We can help you to cut down the costs and lead-time, want to know more about us? Contact our team at today and get a free quote.

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