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Choose The Right Aluminum Casting Method

Aluminum casting is a simple and inexpensive way to form aluminum into products. For example, power transmissions, car engines and the cap atop are produced by aluminum casting process. Sand casting, permanent mold casting and die casting are the main three aluminum casting. So, which aluminum casting method to be used? It depends on the application, project requirements and customers needs. Most casting and large aluminum products are usually made in sand molds. This article is about the differences between aluminum casting methods, it maybe a guide to help you to choose the right casting methods.

Aluminum Die Casting

Sand Casting Aluminum

In sand casting method a mold is built from a sand mixture, containing a cavity into which the molten aluminum from the part will be created is poured. When the molten aluminum is cooled and solidified, the sand mold is broken away from the part. Unlike sand casting, permanent mold casting will not break away. The metal mold is reusable. The cavity is filled with aluminum through gravity. After the aluminum is cooled and finished part is ejected or removed, the mold is separated. Die casting is similar to permanent mold casting, except for the different functions, the two processes are similar.

Compared to permanent mold processes, sand casting automated process offers a high output in a short period of time. Because of the pressurized casting process, die casing offers the greatest speed in manufacture. Permanent mold casting offers the great strength in finished parts. The parts produced by permanent mold casting have advantages because of the nature of the process. Sand casting balances between high quantities and tooling cots. If the order quantity is more than 100,000 units, die casting is a better choice. If the order is just a few pieces, sand casting is an ideal choice as the tooling cost is low. Permanent mold casting and die casting provide the smooth surface finish out of the mold.

Aluminum Die Casting

Die casting process forces molten aluminum into a steel die by high pressure. It is normally used in high volume production. Die casing allows to produces aluminum parts with a minimum of machining and finishing. Permanent mold casting involves molds and cores. Molten aluminum is poured into the mold. Permanent mold casting can be made stronger than die and sand casting. Sand casting is the most versatile method to produce aluminum parts. Sand casting process begins with pattern which is a replica of the finished casting. Sand casting is a slow process compared to die and permanent mold casting. Sand casting is economical for small quantities.

Aluminum casting is widely used in automotive industry. Since the early 1990s, cast aluminum transmission housings and pistons have been used in cars and trucks, Small appliances, hand tools, lawnmower and other machinery are manufactured from many different unique aluminum casting shapes. Cookware which is made by aluminum die casting is the frequently used by consumers everyday.

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