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Why We Need Rapid Prototypes

Rapid prototypes give invaluable data to design teams to judge the fitting, assembly and function of the current design. The gathered data is helpful to shoot down potential issues both on manufacturing and application. If we can follow the well through Rapid Prototyping strategy, there is a great chance to cut down the cost and introduce the product to market promptly, reliably and be profitable.

Rapid Prototyping


What kind of prototype you need? The answer depends on what material your product is and where you are in your process. In the early design process, as the ideas are flowing freely, making concept model is sufficient. As the design progresses, when designer settles down the size, color, finish, material, durable, strength that basis important elements, you can start with functional prototype.


If your Rapid Prototypes design can faithfully represent the end-product and needed to be presented to the customers, you can have a functional and working prototype.


The Low Volume Manufacturing begins after prototype approved. You need to make sure your product can be passed through from prototype to low volume manufacturing. The process needs to flow smoothly and be stable.


TEAM Rapid offers one stop service from rapid prototype to low volume manufacturing. We understand about your standards and know the best way to get your prototype at low cost and high quality. Want to know more about us? Contact our team at today.

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