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Rapid Tooling Application: Another Way to Make Your Rapid Prototypes


What is rapid tooling? Rapid tooling is known as prototype tooling and soft tooling. Rapid tooling allows manufacturers to get their parts or components in a quick and cheap manner. Rapid tooling is the creation of a mold in a short period of time.


Rapid production tooling was found in the 1990s, engineers who worked in plastic injection molding did study that if they could create molds in hours instead of a few weeks or months. Rapid mold is an ideal way to produce prototypes or a small bath of qualified parts before mass production. Rapid tooling process includes creating insert, core, cavity and side action of the part. There are many types of rapid tooling. Benefits depend on materials, technologies, sizes, consistency and accuracy needed. Manufacturers build rapid tooling to test and validate the design in prototyping stages when they develop a new product.

Rapid Tooling Application


While many other Rapid Prototype options like 3D printing, CNC or vacuum casting are also able to produce fast and cheap prototypes, rapid tooling has its main benefits in process and materials. Rapid tooling can be used to test the production parameters to make sure parts fill and act correctly as desired. Engineers and designers are able to find potential problems and do related corrections to avoid these issues happen to mass production or final part. Rapid tooling allows manufacturers to use the real production grades of material and shows a clearly how the parts will be in real life applications. Rapid tooling is a cheap rapid option for manufacturing injection molded parts. It‘s speed allows manufacturers to put the parts to the market fast. It is an ideal choice for low volume production runs.


Rapid Tooling Application has been improved very much in the past decade. Additive fabrication technology is matured, tow categories include indirect and direct tooling emerged. Direct tooling is a method that involves additive process when creating real molds. Indirect tooling is used to master patterns to produce molds or dies.


There are many reasons to choose a Rapid Prototyping Service. It is cheap, fast and effective. For more information about using rapid tooling application in your projects, please contact us at . We are ready to offer you the best option for your unique rapid prototype project.

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