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Can I Have Low Volume Injection Molded Parts By Rapid Tooling


Benefit from its high efficiency and low cost, injection molding is one of the most important processes in manufacturing, especially in mass production. How about the small volume? Can we make my Low Volume Injection Molded Parts by rapid injection molding service? The answer is yes, we have rapid tooling process.


Advantages of Rapid Tooling:


Rapid tooling allows you to bring your product into the market earlier than the scheduled time

Rapid tooling allows you to have small volume parts (even 20 or 50 parts), comparing with the traditional tooling, you can save a lot.

Rapid tooling allows your products in a wider range of materials

Rapid Tooling can be used for specific small quantity needs including prototyping

Rapid Tooling may as well be used for troubleshooting existing problems, shooting down all the potential issues before processing production mold.

Rapid tooling is being used these days to create molds for commercial operations since the time lag is so short between start to finish

 Rapid Tooling

Are you looking for a reliable manufacturer to help for your next project? TEAM Rapid offers rapid prototyping and low volume Injection Molding Service. We aim to offer high quality parts at lower price and short lead-time. Contact our team at today!

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