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What We Can Benefit From Custom Injection Molding

Custom Injection Molding Service


When you look around, you can easily find lots of items were made by custom injection molding. The process is quite popular used in manufacturing field for getting high quality injection part, no matter for small quantities or huge volume products, it can work. Having better understand this process and what it works can help you build your products easily.


There are 5 properties of Custom Injection Molding:


1.  They are customizable: You can select the preferred color or type of material base on your ideas. Want your product be more strength? We can add filler to strengthen or even other characteristic such as flexibility, or ultraviolet light.


2.  They can be less expensive: Unlimited part quantities, you can save you cost by just needing several hundred or even smaller quantities custom parts. No need to pay a lot for MOQ quantities, you can save money on your budget in this way.

3.  They are fast turnaround: It normally takes only 15 to 30 seconds for molding      one shot part. You can get large quantities parts on shorter time.


4.  They are environmentally friendly: Plastic is the material for custom injection molding, and any rejected or test parts may be recycled.


5.  They can work right away: The Injection Part can be used as component right away, no necessary for other post finish or secondary machining unless your special requirements.


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