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Rapid Prototyping Manufacturing

When manufacturers are going to build a new product, prototyping is a way to validate the design ideas and concept which is low-risk. Rapid prototyping also help design team to test the design concept and product ideas quickly. This article is may give you a better understanding of rapid prototyping and why prototyping is important.

Rapid prototyping is the fast fabrication of a model or a part that use CAD design. The most common method to create a part or model is additive manufacturing which is also called 3D printing. The main goal of rapid prototyping is to get immediate and effective results and feedback earlier. Some people think prototyping is a good way to answer questions. New design concepts are tested and improved before the real product is going into development and mass production process. 

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping helps designers present their new concepts to clients market so that they can understand and approve a development or product, and know how t solve the problems according to the prototype testing results and feedback they receive from clients based on an actual physical product rather than a concept. This enable design team to test new concept earlier instead of the new products are launched. This can help visual, design and development of the manufacturing process before running into mass production.

Rapid Prototyping was used to build part and scales models by a wide range of applications across several industries such as medical and aerospace. Injection mold plug or ultrasound sensor wedge are the application of rapid tooling.

Rapid Prototyping Manufacturing is one of the most effective processes to create a perfect product. The most significant benefits is that manufacturers could get the feedback during the product development or early testing stage. If you want to test a product idea or want to validate a design concept, let do a prototype.

Rapid prototyping cost depends on many factors such as the volume and size of the part. The surface finishes, material, and if any post manufacture process needed.

TEAM Rapid is one of the leading manufacturers specialized in 3D printing and additive manufacturing. We are able to help with your rapid prototyping projects. For more information, contact us at today!

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