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Why Prototyping Services, and How Prototype Manufacturing China?

Prototyping is like a simple concept until you try and define it. A prototype is an initial sample, model to test a concept or process or to act as a thing to be replicated or learned from. A prototype is the first solutions to the challenge. A prototype is the first time to test all parts together and test, analyze and refine all components together.

Prototype Manufacturing China

Prototyping is a manufacture process to create a sample which will be test in the real world. That sample is also known as a prototype. Prototyping serves as a basis for other processes. It normally used to perfect the design before products are run into final production. This article will give you an in-depth look at the various Prototyping Services.

Prototyping services have a lot of benefits. The main benefit is that it results in a faster and more effective design cycle.  It inspires designers that their unrestrained ideas will turn into real products. A prototype acts as a window for user to research. Presenting a prototype to potential customers offer chance to do design modification according to customer’s feedback to prevent costly mistakes down the road before production. Prototyping services provide a clear vision of how the final part will be. Rapid prototyping is advantageous as it is able to produce prototypes days or weeks quicker than traditional methods. There are a wide range of 3D materials available. For example, metals, engineer-grade thermoplastic. Prototypes present designers and engineers that how their products will look, like and perform. Common prototyping technologies include SLA, FDM, colorjet printing, polyjet, MJM, SLS, DMLS, RTV molding, CNC machining.

Rapid prototyping is a manufacturing process to build prototypes. It is an accelerated version of prototyping which uses 3D CAD and 3D printing technology. It is widely used in industries to test the appearance and functionality of parts. Rapid prototyping is very useful to improve customized machined parts. It is a step up to mass production and manufacturing testing. Three type of rapid prototyping include additive manufacturing, subtractive method and compressive method. Additive manufacturing is a commonly used method when designing customized parts. Subractive process is completed by many methods like milling, grinding or turning. It involves curving desired parts from a block of material. Compressive method is the semi-solid or molten materials get pushed to a design. This process includes casting, compressive sintering or molding.

How to begin prototyping? Manufacturers which are interested in prototyping need to consider which technology will suit their need best. Traditional prototyping methods are still effective. But when manufactures want to do quicker design and beat other competitors, rapid prototyping is helpful. Rapid prototyping is done by outsourcing 3D printing or inside 3D printer. Outsourcing is an option favored by manufactures wants to create a small or infrequent number of prototypes. Outsourcing 3D printing turnaround times are longer than if the work is done on-site. It is helpful if manufacturer can not invest in their owned 3D printer. Buying an in-house 3D printer is also an option, even for companies that have limited budgets. Desktop 3D printer allows designers to print 3D parts at their desk. Production printer provides more power and larger build sizes. Production printers are more expensive.

At TEAM Rapid, we specialized in producing high quality prototypes at low cost. With advanced technologies and superior services, we provide one-stop-shop services for rapid prototyping needs. If you are looking for prototyping services or Prototype Manufacturing China, contact us at for a free quote. No matter the volume and complexity, our professional team is ready to support your projects.

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