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Precision Machined Parts


TEAM Rapid is one of the leading custom precision machining manufacturers in China. We offer expertise and reliable solutions for simple or complex precision machined parts.

Precision Machining

Precision machined parts require complicated features and precise specifications. These parts usually include threads, holes, grooves, or tapers that must provide an exact fit with other components. Precision machining is used to produce parts that require precision for the product to function properly.

The precision machining process starts with an initial sketch, which is rendered using CAD software. Engineers use CAD software such as Auto CAD to create a 3D diagram of a hand-drawn sketch. Machinists enter the design into CAM programs or CNC machines. Computers automate the removal of material to produce precise parts. Precision machining processes allow for larger accuracy. Each cut is completed by a machine that receives instructions from the computer software. The machines can carry out precise cuts with limited margins of error. You can continue to produce thousands of the same parts with specifications and tolerances down to 0.01-0.05mm.

Precision machining can be used to design tools, parts, and hardware. These parts require a tighter tolerance to ensure a proper fit with other components. Precision machining is as useful as a method of maintaining consistency in mass production. Precision Machined Parts are repeatable and consistent. Precision machining can be used for finishing metal products as well.

At TEAM Rapid, our Precision Machining services are available for a wide range of applications, including secondary and finishing work. Our precision machining helps to greater accuracy, increase repeatability and efficiency, reduce material waste and save time. Our capabilities for custom precision machined parts allow for high volume manufacturing and finishing operations. Our facilities equipped with advanced technologies offer center and cylindrical grinding, feed grinding, CNC machining, turning centers, laths, multi-spindle lathes, turret lathes, broaching, induction and conventional heat treating, thread rolling and plating. Our custom precision machined parts capabilities include center and cylindrical grinding, feed grinding, Swiss, turning centers, lathe, Multi-spindle lathe, Turret lathe, broaching, induction and conventional heat treating, plating, thread rolling, vibratory finishing and special machine centers constructed to accomplish the highest possible efficiency.

TEAM Rapid has delivered high-quality precision machining to customers in industries. We provide a custom quote based on your specific requirements. Our engineers will help determine the specifications for your project. Contact TEAM Rapid at for your quote on precision machined parts.

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