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8 Factors Contribute in the Cost of A CNC Part


CNC Machining Service

There are many factors contribute in the cost of a CNC part. Each one, in function of the part to be produced, has a different and non-predictable weight without knowing the specifics of the part. Here are some common factors for your reference:


Material: aluminum (which alloy?), steel (which steel?), titanium, bronze, nickel etc


Equipment/machine to be employed (Simple Lathe or a 5 Axes CNC?): the machine depreciation hence the production cost will be sensibly different.


Number of parts to be produced (1–10, 100, 1000 or 100000?): this will determine if it will be man made or automatically produced in a fully automatic CNC machine.


Complexity of the part: this will determine the number of steps, and machining operations required, the higher the number the lower the cost.


Tool type(s) (Steel, WC-CO, coated WC-Co, Cermet, CBN or Diamond ordered from cheapest to most costly): depends on the material type, the type of machining that need to be done and the number of parts to be produced.


Tolerances required: how precise and where this precision is required as relative to what reference it is needed can change things heavily. Requiring +/- 0.1 mm or +0 -0.001 mm is a completely different approach and requires completely different tools, machines and machining time.


Heat treatments to be executed after roughing: does it need to be tempered and quenched? Does it need ageing? Does it need softening then machining then tempering? The higher the number of steps, the higher the cost


Finishing operations and/or coatings


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