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6 Key Aspects of Plastic Injection Molding


As an experienced plastic injection molding company, TEAM Rapid built lots of molds in the past 10 years, our injection molding service helps customers from different industries including home & consumer application, automotive, medical, military etc to launch their projects. Here are a short list, 6 key aspects of Plastic Injection Molding which we need to take into consideration.

Injection Mold


1.    Cavity – The cavity is “A side” of the mold, which always refers to the appearance of your product. Texture, glossy, smooth are popular finishes applied on cavity for obtaining expected outer cosmetic appearance.

2.    Core – This is also known as ”B side” of the mold. Typically, the geometries or features on core are invisible, they work as skeleton or supports for the part. It depends on the part’s function and assembly, the geometries on core might work as outer appearances in some cases.

3.    Parting lines – A reasonable parting line will perform better in sealing and minimizing flashes. We always suggest our customers to make their part surface connect smoothly without the sharp corners.

4.    Draft – Draft is designed to facilitate the ejection of the parts from the mold. Typically, all plastic components should be designed with draft where necessary. Without draft or a proper draft angle, the molding part usually come out with drag marks or even sticks on the cavity. As an experienced tool maker, TEAM Rapid always provides professional suggestions to our customer for selecting the corrected draft angle.

5.    Gate – The mould for injecting plastic into the cavity, it can be removed after molding. Varied from the part size, geometries & quantities, we collect the part’s requirements then select the best gate type to meet the needs.

6.    Shrinkage Rate - Ranging from 0.001-0.060 per inch, the rate at which the injected plastic will shrink once it is cooled.


TEAM Rapid provides tooling and  Injection Molding Service for low to large volume production needs. Want to know more about us? Contact our engineering team at , we can provide the best solution to you.

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