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Product Made By Injection Moulding


When manufacturers produce plastic molded parts, there are several processes available. The most popular process to produce high quality and cost effective plastic parts is injection molding process. It is one of the most oldest manufacturing processes, but it’s ability of produce high volume of complex parts makes it to be a popular way with manufacturer around the world.

Injection Molding


There are many applications ranging from complex and intricate components to larger more simple item such as everyday use Product Made By Injection Moulding.


The plastic injection molding process is a manufacturing method for producing plastic parts in high volume from thousands to millions of units. To have the process start, mold makers will build the mold and tool which are used to make the plastic injection parts. The mold consists of core and cavity and includes all geometry and features which make up the part specifications. When the process starts, the melted resin is injected into a hollow mold until it is fully filled. The process uses high and extreme pressure and high speed to fill the interior with molten plastic resin or liquid polymers. The molds are cooled to get the finished plastic parts.


In our daily life, we can see many typical products made by injection mold. For example, plastic bottle, electronic housing, toys, agricultural, household, machinery and automotive parts, healthcare industry. Once a functional molding is built, the injection molding process is repeated. The injection molding process is repeatable and reliable for high volume production. With its ability to produce multi-cavity injection mold parts, if the first part is being created, the second part is practically identical. Manufacturers can create multiple complex parts at once. Injection molding has a wide range of material selection. There’s also few need for finishing and processing the manufactured part, making it more cost effective and efficient. The main disadvantage is that it request high initial costs of mold design as design, testing, and tooling requirements and long lead time. Injection parts request high careful designed consideration in geometry because the material selection to assure stability.


Injection molding is the most common manufacturing method due to its capability and efficiency to produce daily used items. It is also one of the most cost effective methods to build functional prototypes and end use parts. If you need any assists on your injection molding projects, contact TEAM Rapid at today.

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