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Advantages of Plastic Injection Molding in Electronics

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Plastics are a very important component of the electronic industry. Plastic are key for electronics across industries such as: consumer products, automotive, industrial applications, and medical products. Besides protecting and insulating the electronic, plastics also provide the following benefits:


1. Protection for the electronic and use


Plastic prevents harmful elements such as heat and water from damaging the electronic and provides insulation. The plastic casting also stops electric currents from leaving the device.


2.  Durable and lightweight


Plastic provides the best of both worlds to protect electronics. With many of today’s electronics being smaller, plastic provides sleek casting for iPhones and laptops.


3. Minimum waste due to molds


Plastic injection molding eliminates the need to cut off excess material. The less material used, the less expensive the product.


4.  Design versatility


The possibilities of the shape a mold can be made into are endless. Plastics also allow for the piece of protection to be one piece which is stronger than having multiple, smaller pieces put together.


5. Fast turn around times


Molds allow electronic protection pieces to be made in mass production. Without this, we wouldn’t have the larger array of electronic we have today.


At TEAM Rapid, no matter Low Volume Injection Molding or mass injection molding, we can provide the best solution to meet your need. Are you working on your next injection molding project? Contact our team at today and see how we help.

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