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Die Casting Method Is Green And Sustainable in China Today!


Environmentally conservative manufacturing and production practices is increasing need recently. So, making the new products to be high quality and sustainable for the environment is very important. Using the sustainable development and production methods, such as die casting method will make you more competitive, respectable and desirable.

Die Casting Method


Benefits of Die Casting Method

Die Casting Method is Sustainable

Die casting is a unique, energy saving die casing method. Some casting processes need a sand mold which is used one time only. This non-reusable sand mold wastes up about 70% energy. Die casting can use the mold up round 100,00 times before replacing the new mold. It saves around 700,000 percent energy. Die casting process reduces the amount of energy and decrease carbon footprint. It is green and sustainable.


Die Casting Method is Green

When it comes to environmental friendly, reusability is an important topic. Die casting has ability to be reused and repurposed so it is good for the environment. The die will not be thrown away or wasted. The die holds wide range of large and unique parts. They can be recast. It is high efficient.


Most of materials that used in die casting is easily recycled. For example, most die casting method used aluminum. Aluminum is easy to recycle, energy-efficient and cost-effective. Both manufacturers and energy bill will benefit from the substantially sustainable die casting. As die casting is green and sustainable, around 95% of die castings made from aluminum are crafted from recycle materials. Die casting lower the cost while reducing carbon footprint and avoid an excess of materials from piling up on our earth.


Customized Your Parts By Die Casting Method

Die casting can build strong, customized, complex parts by the thousands or millions through an upfront investment which is followed by an efficient process. Die casting is an efficient process. Once the die is created, it is efficient to reproduce thousand or even millions of parts with little machining. Die casting mass production is consistency. As die casting is precise, the die casting parts are consistent and repeatable. This is important when it comes to producing specific metal parts. Die casting offer a smooth and textured finish. Die cast parts can be designed to have a specific appearance. Die casting is flexible solution for producing a variety of parts.. It can produce a variety of customization. For example, the thickness and the overall complexity. Die cast parts can be simple or complex. Die cast parts are made from a single mold. Die cast parts are stronger and durable. They are heat resistant and dimensionally stable. They can last long.


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TEAM Rapid, as a leading die casing manufacturer. We have been in the industry for more than 10 years. Based in China, we offer die casting, CNC machining, metal finished and assembly. We are proud to be in the business of sustainability.  Our team of engineers will delivery products which are good for the environment and suitable to your project need. We serve as an extension to customers by offering reliable services. If you want to know what companies use die casting and what are die casting services, contact us at today.

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