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What Is Aluminum Die Casting?


Die casting began in the early of 1800’s, the first die casting equipment is used in printing industry. As the grown of the high volume of production in industry in the early 19th century, a great demand in the production of commercial die casting grew. This movement open many market for die casting industry to expand into different operations. In 1980, the first aluminum die casting factory was found. The first machining of aluminum die cast past was in 1997. With the combination or production and machining of aluminum die cast parts made it win more European customers. In history, most main products were manufactured by die casting process and saved a lot of money in production. Consistent results, durable lifespan and reliably finished casting are attractive among consumers.


Die casting allows to creating parts with complex shape and intricate design at the suitable price. Die casting offers various advantages include fast production time, tight tolerances, variable wall thickness, extended tool life, accurate dimensional stability and more.

Alumium Die Casting


Aluminum die casting is a manufacturing process is done by forcing molten metal into the mold by high pressure system. It is a manufacturing process to produce metal parts with accuracy, smooth and textured-surface. It has a good stiffness and strength-to weight ratio. Aluminum die casting process allows to producing die casting parts in a high volume quickly. Compared to alternative casing processes, aluminum die casing process is much more cost-effective. Aluminum alloys are lightweight and have high dimensional stable for complex parts and thin walls. Aluminum has great corrosion resistance, mechanical properties and high thermal and electrical conductivity. In die casting industry, aluminum alloy with low density is important. TEAM Rapid is a premier Aluminum Die Casting Company that that offers high pressure die casting services. We are also your trusted source for advanced die casting applications. Contact us for more information regarding our die casing capacity or request a free quote for your die casting projects.


Aluminum die casting process use a steel mold which is normally able to produce tens of thousand of casting. To permit removal of casting, the die is made in at least two sections. Casting process begins with the two die halves. Molten aluminum is injected in to the die cavity and solidifies fast. The die halves are drawn apart and the casting is ejected. Die casting dies could be simple or complex. Most machines use mechanisms. Others use direct acting hydraulic pressure.

Aluminum die casting process retains a durable strength at high temperature by using cold chamber machine. The molten metal is contained in an open holding pot. The open holding pot is kept separate from the die casting machines. As the high temperatures will damage the normal pumping system, the molten metal is ladled from the pot for every casting. Cold chamber casting requests higher pressure than hot chamber die casting does.


Aluminum Die Casting offer many benefits. One of the most significant benefits is that it is able to produce lighter pasts. Compared to other die cast alloy, it offers more surface finishing option. Aluminum can withstand the highest operating temperatures than of all the die cast alloys. Aluminum is versatile, corrosion resistant. It retains high dimensional stability with thin walls which can be used in many industries.


TEAM Rapid, as one of the most trusted Aluminum Die Casting Companies In China, we provide customers with high quality die casting parts. If you have any questions about high pressure die casting or if you want to know more about the solutions that we offer to help your projects, contact us at today. Our team of engineers are happy to help.

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