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3 Considerations to Find a Reliable Rapid Manufacturing Company in China


Prototypes always play an important role in businesses no matter they are small companies, inventors or multinational conglomerates. The number of prototype is too small for mass production manufacturers to produce. Rapid Prototyping method helps to produce prototype components. Rapid manufacturing is a quick production method to build a physical part or 3D model and fabricate a model quickly. 3D printing is one of the method which used widely in rapid manufacturing. Not all Rapid Manufacturing Inc has the high-quality rapid tooling to create prototypes. The key factors to think about is quality, speed of delivery and services when it comes to choosing a reliable rapid manufacturing company.


TEAM Rapid, as a rapid part manufacturing Inc, we offer prototype services which help customers all around the world to develop their products step by step from design to function and ensure the end products are high quality which meet or even exceed their expectation.

Rapid Manufacturing Inc


Variable Manufacturing Cost

When it comes to find a reliable rapid manufacturing company in China, it is a little bit risky as you dont know what the manufacturer is able to do and if the manufacturer could meet your standard and requirements until you receive the products. One of the important keys is that when you are looking for a rapid manufacturing company, manufacturing cost is not the number one thing to be considered. Compared to rapid manufacturing Inc in other countries, price of variable manufacturing cost in China is around 40%-50% lower. So, if you only focus on the cost, you may not get a good experience to make your new rapid parts in China. Select a reliable rapid manufacturing company which offer reasonable price instead of the lowest price. You can judge how is the manufacturer from their quotation.


Quality Control In Manufacturing

Quality assurance relies on inspection of incoming materials, in-process inspection, testing and final inspection. When the new materials arrive at the manufacturer, they will identify the metal material by X-ray testers. This will ensure the specified material which is going to be used. Using the wrong material to create parts is waste and dangerous. Quality control in manufacturing is very important!


Manufacturing Experience

When you are looking for a rapid manufacturing company in China, you have to consider what manufacturing experience that the companies have. Their manufacturing experiences help to solve the problems and save cost. For example, if you have a complex project which have many parts, materials and finishes, an experienced and reliable rapid manufacturing Inc will offer all that you want your products to be. An experienced and reliable rapid manufacturing Inc save your time and money. An experienced and rapid part manufacturing Inc realizes your idea and invention and is able to turn your ideas into perfect prototypes and models


Quick Turnaround Time

Rapid prototyping means quick turnaround time is very important. At TEAM Rapid, we will quote to customers within 24 hours and deliver parts in 1-15 days depending on the quantities, materials, and project requirements. Rapid prototyping reduces overall production costs as it eliminates the need to molds, patterns and special tools. Rapid prototyping provides a model to identify mistakes and optimized design quickly.


Prototypes are important no matter the size of a business. If you are looking for a reliable rapid manufacturing company in China. TEAM Rapid is the right choice. At TEAM Rapid, we offer high quality rapid prototyping services at the most reasonable cost. We have rich experience and we are confident that our rapid manufacturing products will meet and even exceed customers need.


Moving from prototyping to low to high volume production?

TEAM Rapid offers not only rapid prototyping services but also low to high volume manufacturing services including CNC machining, injection molding, pressure die casting. Want to make your plastic parts and metal parts under one roof? Please feel free to send us inquiry at about your new projects? Our sales engineering team will get back the solution to you at soonest!

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