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4 Things That Impact the Quality of Your Plastic CNC Prototype

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You may think we can get good quality plastic prototype by the same CNC prototyping way as metal machining. But actually, there are different for machining plastic prototype, if you go ahead by metal machining way, you may not get the part in your expectation. Here, Let’s share the things that impact the quality of your plastic CNC Prototype.


1. Plastic Material

Comparing with metal, plastic is easier to break, crash and scratch. If you design to go ahead with plastic, you should confirm the properties of choosing plastic and make sure it is strong enough for your products.


2. CNC Programming

A plastic prototype should be machined in well-regulated, we should start from rough machining then fine machining, keep using the small feeding and machine the prototype step by step. The big feeding always brings stress and cause warping in plastic, especially for POM and glass filled plastics.


3.  Cutter

Different from metal machining, we should not use the same cutter to remove the same depth of plastic. As the plastic is softer and easier to melt, try to cut the plastic little by little.


4. Cooling

Using the cooling fluid can reduce the heat raising and material expanding during machining, the prototype part will come out accurately, and the cutter’s life time can be extended.


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