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Benefit of Prototype Machining

CNC Machining Service


The design engineer can obtain high quality rapid prototype by precision CNC machining service, it allows the designer:


High fidelity functional assessment – prior to invest in tooling & high volume molding, Prototype Machining allows you the opportunity to judge the design by testing the real manufactured parts. You can start with the medium tolerance and go tighter by tighter to find out the best fitting tolerance on your products. In this way, you can clear about the exactly specifications that meet the products’ function and assembly, also good to you to set up the dimension requirements on mass production.


Enhanced speed, efficiency, and effectiveness – the capability for modern CNC equipments are better and better, you can develop your parts with speed and efficiency but this technology. Additionally, intelligent machinery, capable of sensing its environment allows real time cutting feedback to ensure the highest quality.


TEAM Rapid offers series of rapid prototyping services including CNC Prototyping, 3D printing, low volume injection molding, low volume casting. We understand better about your requirements and know how to save your cost and lead-time at maximum. Want to get professional supports from a Chinese supplier? Contact our team at today and get in touch with us!

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