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TEAM Rapid: Prototype Manufacturing Company

Prototype Manufacturing


The workflow for making a product real involves starting with an idea, turning the idea into a prototype, and then making the production of the final design. The design might need lots of changes to meet the production at last two steps, this will be the challenge both for designer and manufacturer. TEAM Rapid covers the different ways you can prototype a new product easily, suggests the best process such as CNC Prototyping, 3D printing etc available to cut down your costs and shorten the lead-time. One-stop service can help you to develop your products from rapid prototype to manufacturing part.


Our Prototype Manufacturing capability:


CNC prototyping: Quick turnaround for manufacturing your product in metal or plastic by precision CNC machining, range from 1 to 200 PCS parts delivered within 1 week.


Vacuum casting: Silicone mold applied for copying your products at lower cost and fast delivery. The lift time for a silicone mold is around 15~20 PCS and varies based on the part’s geometry and casting material used.


SLA and SLS: SLA and SLS are two mature laser technologies. The material used in SLA is mainly photosensitive resin. At TEAM Rapid, we offer SLA and SLS prototype in a variety of plastic materials. 1 to 200 parts delivery within 5 days.


TEAM Rapid is a Prototype Manufacturing Company located in China. Our happy customers come from all over the world, we offer the best suggestion for helping customer to complete their projects successfully. Contact us at today and get competitive prices.

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