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Quotes of Low Volume Manufacturing Prototypes from Canada

We help lots of customers to prototype their ideas and lunch the products into the market. Recently, we got some quotes from Canada clients, below is the details:

1. Hi, Please provide quote or tooling of the attached part. THanks 

2. Hi, I am looking for bugdet price for these 2 items. Material PP. Quantity : 20000 each item. We have multiple models with different sizes.

3. I have cads, water proof finish, low cost materiel. 2 prototypes to test for changes then first batch of 1000s

4. There are 2 parts to be injected; 2 halves of a housing for an electronic sensor. 
What we want is: 
- make a mold for the 2 parts
- have them injected in quantities of approx 7000/year
- parts shipped to Canada 
- material = non-transparent polycarbonate, color = light gray important note: the 3D models provided have not been optimized for the injection manufacturing. They represent the parts' shape and size and are for quotation purposes only.

5. Hi, i am working on a new project and need an idea of cost for that part in qty of 20,000, 100,000 pcs 

Quote if you have a min order please tell me...The drawing include is just to give you an idee of what i need its not a scale drawing... The part i need is inch x 1 inch approx clear pet... Its like a pipe fitting similar to a coca cola screw part of bottle... Thank you

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6. We are trying to make soft plastic fishing baits for soft water. We are interested in finding a Rapid Prototyping Company willing to make the baits. 

7. Hello, Attached in this email is the 3d sketch of our product. We would like it to be built in the cheapest material, surface finish as we are only interested in having 1 manufactured for our prototype. Looking forward to hearing back from you. Kind regards 

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