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Engineering Requirement Document, How to Write it?

The engineering requirement documents is very familiar to many engineers. When we get the engineering requirements from the product manager, it will tell us what and how to create. An engineering document specifies how a product will be create to fulfill multiple requirements. 

Engineering Requirement Document

What is the purpose of writing Engineering Requirements Documents?

Writing engineering requirement documents enables collaboration. It breaks down a big project into several small tasks so you can send the task to your team members and give them a responsibility. Writing engineering requirement documents helps to prevents miscommunication between design, product and engineering department. When the engineering requirements example or engineering specifications example has been written, the design and product team will check and ensure the product and design purpose are sufficient. Writing engineering requirement documents is the first step to establish a test plan. Engineering requirements are list in the engineering requirement documents.


How to write a good engineering requirements document?

A good engineering requirements document is coordinated, clear, comprehensible, verifiable, Feasible, Traceable, Complete, Necessary.

1. Coordinated. Engineering requirements must be correct in product design. It must describe capabilities and conditions and explain what the product does.

2. Clear and comprehensible. Good engineering requirements documents are short, clear and straight to the point.

3.Verifiable. Good engineering requirements documents have ways to demonstrate and measure that the engineering requirements meet specific needs.

4. Feasible. Good engineering requirements documents are realistic. It is feasible organizationally, technically, legally, and financially.

5. Traceable. Good engineering requirements documents are traced to the original needs of the customers. It explains why the product design is important.

6. Complete. Good engineering requirements documents do not have gaps in interpretation.

7.Necessary. Good engineering requirements documents is valid and required for specific engineering.


Tips for writing engineering requirements

Refer to a good engineering specification examples

A good engineering requirement document example include a cover page, section heading, essential guidelines for each section, a brief explanation of the management system used. It also have standardized section to cover the topics which include imperative application, traceability and formatting standards and guideline.


Make the engineering requirement documents in a hierarchical structure

If the engineering requirements documents in hierarchical, engineers are easy to read. Hierarchical structure manner helps to focus on every domain of system. It also helps to find the areas which need revisions in the specification.


Use a comprehensive identification system

Requirement identifiers are important. Tagging each requirement with a project identifier improves and simplifies traceability. Brief identifiers build traceability tables which link each requirement clearly. To its ancestors.


Use the standard language

English or many other languages may have multiple meaning for one word. It may lead to disagreement or confusion. So, use the standard language in engineering requirements documents to reduce misinterpretation is important.


Use imperative

Use the imperatives like shall, should, must to show constraints and some unique performance and quality requirements. Engineering requirements documents should have one declaration of purpose with consistency cross requirements.


Use rationale statements

Rationale statements reduce ambiguity. It enables to simplify the engineering requirements documents while offering additional information to users. Engineering requirements documents need a short and concise statement. The requirements should be separated from their justification. It will enable quicker and easier comprehension.


Quality check before verification

To make the engineering requirement documents as professional as possible. Check everything to avoid spelling and grammatical mistakes. Do quality check for completeness, clarity and consistency. Make a quality assurance checklist, it helps to streamline processes and ensure it confirms with the practices. 

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