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Advantages of Plastic Injection Molding Services


Plastic injection molding is applied in manufacturing components range from low volume to mass production base on the design offered by the customers. It is reliable on quality and accuracy.

Injection Molding Services


The process starts with mold design by engineers for production or some other functional test purpose.

Toolmaker starts to create the mold which made out from steel or aluminum after settling down the design.

The mold is then machined into the shape of product in high precision.

The molten plastic is injected into the cavity to copy the product. We can get the Plastic Molded Part when the plastic cools down.


As the process is stable, the tool comes out in high precise. The molding part usually comes out in tight tolerance.


Advantages from Plastic Injection Molding services include:


1.  After the mold has been creating, the manufacturing cost of pieces per unit is reasonable and transparent.

2.  The process is high efficient with minimal wastage of raw material and time. It is extremely suitable for medium to high volume production.

3.  The quality is stable. We can develop a small volume of products to develop the market first.


TEAM Rapid offers not only low volume Plastic Injection Molding Services but also the mass production of plastic parts. In the past 2018, we helped lots of customers to develop their project successfully. In 2019, we will invest more equipments and offer better and better services to our customers. Want to know more about us? Send us an email at now!

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