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Injection Molding Cost

Depending on the size and complexity of the mold, plastic injection mold cost usually range from USD$1,000 to USD5,000 for small, single cavity one. The large and complicated plastic injection molds usually cost at least USD$80,000. Manufacturers need to consider the parts size, complexity, raw material, operation, order quantity and repair cost before they determine the plastic Injection Molding Cost.


At TEAM Rapid, we offer a full service plastic injection mold to fulfill any project from conception, costing, prototype, production, inspection and shipping. As most of the projects begin from initial cost, so to estimate the injection molding price is the very important step to successful projects. We put injection molding type, for example, rapid prototyping, insert tooling, large production tooling and degree of complexity for example basic, mediate and advanced to help to meet customers’ budget.

Compared to CNC machining and 3D printing, it seems that injection molding cost much. But manufacturing thousands of parts will help to make it to be more cost-effective. The more complex the part, the higher manufacturing costs will be. If customers want just simple parts without undercut or high grade surface finishes, the price will be cheaper. Material is also the factor effect the cost. Some plastics which are inherently easier to mold is lowering parts cost. Plastic parts made from fiberglass filled materials will wear down common molds.

There are some ways to consider the molding design which helps to lower the cost. These include eliminate undercuts, get rid of unnecessary factors, use a core cavity approach, reduce cosmetic finishes and appearances, pay more attention to DFM analysis, consider part size, use over-molding, reuse molds, use a family mold, make self-mating parts etc.

If you have a target price for your parts, just tell us. We can make your mold accordingly and plan for the correct quantity of cavities to meet your budget. We create the most cost-effective molds for production quantity as low as 1 piece within a few days of ordering. As always, feel free to contact our team of expert with any questions about your projects at .  

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