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The Best China Rapid Prototyping Company

Rapid Prototyping Company


Looking to make something fast? These is a China Rapid Prototyping Company named TEAM Rapid for the job. Depending on your requirements, you can have a range of material selections for your products. Some such as ABS, Nylons, POM, Aluminum, Stainless Steel are common materials that can be used in rapid prototyping.


Prototyping is an important stage to verify your design and product’s function and application. It is hard to find companies which consistently deliver good quality prototypes with short turnarounds. Start out by Google searching and recommendations can help you narrow down your scope and get going on your projects.


Plastic Rapid Prototype


3D printing, CNC machining, vacuum casting and rapid injection molding are the common techniques for accessing plastic prototypes. There are advantages and disadvantages among each of these. 3D printing can reach out parts in complex geometry with lots of undercuts, it is fast and reliable, but while your need small volume prototypes for testing, the cost by 3D printing might higher than CNC machining, vacuum casting even low volume injection molding. Depending on the part’s geometry and quantity, we always offer the best solution for our customer to get high quality parts at lower cost.


Metal Rapid Prototypes


In most case, you need Rapid Prototyping in metal. Then CNC machining and high pressure die casting are methods of choice. These works great for in many cases but what if you want to have an exact match to what your part and quantity will be like? We love quantity 1 CNC part, meanwhile, we are available to provide you low to medium volume metal parts by high pressure die casting.


TEAM rapid is rapid manufacturing company base in China, we offer the best quality parts and services to meet your product development needs. Want to know more about us? Contact our team at now.

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