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When Should We Use Rapid Prototype Technique

Rapid prototyping is described as a computer-based method that aims to reduce the iterative cycle of development. It is possible to significantly shorten the time elapsed between the design and manufacturing of one piece and reduce, in this way, the corresponding cost.

The rapid prototype is an integral part of the design process, since they allow the revision of the basic concepts of the project in the initial stage of its development and share opinions with the rest of the team. Thanks to them you can easily create an interactive model of a website or mobile application, which is able to identify any deficiency in the flow and usability of the design before investing too much time or money in its development. Whether you desire to confirm your design with a model that 100% matches truth or perform tests of functionality, fit as well as shape, you will desire to have prototypes that meet your requirements.

It is important, when we start a Rapid Prototyping Project that the first step is to establish a hierarchy in the information and content to be able to visually transfer it. In this way we will be able to understand it and get an idea of how it will be structured in the future. Once the information gathered and the observations made have been analyzed, summarized and evaluated, the severity of the problems identified will be determined and the design implications and recommendations for improvements will be summarized and the design team informed. It may be necessary to refine the prototype where necessary and repeat the previous process. The prototypes created by this method present a high fidelity with respect to the final product, which will be of interest in the development of software and websites, being able to occur throughout the entire cycle, due to the characteristics that are explained by these prototypes.

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When should we use rapid prototyping technique?

- Reduce delivery times
- Profitable models development
- Have a high level of accuracy, close to reality
- Have high quality finishing options

There are many tools for the generation of rapid prototype, with a sequence of images in Microsoft PowerPoint or Visual Basic being common. A cost to consider will be the level of knowledge required to handle the support tools during the time necessary to implement Rapid Prototype Software. Rapid prototyping designers and engineers carry out revisions of their designs quickly and sustainable. Thanks to a wide range of available technologies and materials, both plastic and metallic, prototypes printed using 3D technology allow both functional and visual analysis.

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