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Custom Injection Molding Company


As one of the trusted custom injection molding companies, we offer custom plastic injection molding services. What is custom injection mold? The most important thing is to evaluate the level of complexity of your projects. It is not only about the tooling itself but also the front to back in working with the molder. For example, do the injection molding companies offer engineering and design support, scientific methods, analytical tools, plastic part design or molding process technologies?


Custom plastic injection molding needs scientific methods, analytical tools and molding process technologies to meet precision requirements for complex plastic components. At Team Rapid - a true custom injection molding company, we inform right choices to customers to accurately achieve product design and end-use goals. We work closely with customers on component design and development, analyzed mold flow to identify and correct molding and material issues. Our custom capabilities allow for mid-production adjustments to include a third over mold material and color all without compromising material flow, adhesion or shut-off functionality. Outcomes achieved by custom injection molding were decidedly different than those delivered by the commodity molder.

Custom injection molds are used to manufacture the plastic parts in many industries. Those molds are designed and built to produce thousand and thousand of plastic parts over the life of the product. They are made out of hardened steel, aluminum or other metal alloys. Steel mold last longer can produce more parts but is it more expensive. Low quality steel or aluminum is less expensive when there is a smaller volume requirement for the part.

TEAM Rapid has earned exceptional reputation by being one of the best customized injection molding manufacturers in the industry. Our more experience over 10 years can help you to achieve end results you need. We are able to offer the highest-quality custom injection molds at a very competitive price. We are experienced in engineering a wide rage of different mold types. We keep closed communicated with he clients, ensuing that the first version of the final product is almost perfect. Our team modifies your custom mold and ensures that the resulting mold will meet the requirements, standards, and specifications you need.

We inspect and ensure that all molds meet customer standards. Our molds are used to produce plastic and rubber injection molding products in a multitude of applications and industries such as automotive, electronic, and consumer products industries. Please contact us for more information on the benefits of working with us - the leading Custom Injection Molding Company. Contact us at now.

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