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Quotes of Rapid Prototyping Parts from United States Clients

We help lots of customers to prototype their ideas and lunch the products into the market. Recently, we got some quotes from United States clients, below is the details:

1. Internal ring gear Nylon or other plastic, qty (2) 330mm OD approx, 288mm PD, 1.5 MOD (pitch), 192 teeth, 12-14mm tooth face, 20 deg PA, This is a timing ring and loads are small

2. I need some samples (20pcs) of these 2 parts (screen shoots attached). Material for a similar part is PPS-plastic, I'm open for any recomendation from you. Let me know your comments, I can send you 3D models of the parts once I have your feedback. Thank you

3. I need one of each of four (4) models made in SLA. It seems I can only send one model here, but the other three are the same size, so use this model for the quote, or email me and I'll send all four models. Can you quote me; one of each, two of each, and three of each?

4. I need a Rapid Prototyping Parts for a candy dispenser controlled via smart phone. The device will dispense jelly beans with a motorized dispenser and an optical sensor to know when a jelly bean has been dispensed it needs to be linked to a smart phone through bluetooth, let me know if you have any questions and if this is a project you can do? Thank You 

5. I am looking to build a silicone keyboard cover, I am currently in sampling/prototyping stage to get correct geometry. I know silicone is not able to be 3d printed so I need this done in a material most similar to silicone in property, shore A30. Please give me suggestions, polyjet, casting, I need the cheapest option.

6. Looking for getting a CNC Rapid Prototyping part delivered to US.

3D Printing Parts

7. Please see attached files. We need these parts cast in A380 aluminum. The parts are in 2 sections we need them assembled to form a single unit. These are prototype parts, we need 14 complete parts for testing purposes. How many of these parts can you produce per month and how would the shipping containers be handled? 

8. Not sure which thickness but flexible enough to curve into a quarter circle but strong enough not to ripple 1/8”? Or 3/16? Please give 2 quotes: Stainless or stainless 

9. I have attached a 3D drawing and I would love this structure in acrylic with a very smooth finish, quantity of about 1000. 

10. I would like 10 of the attached part made in aluminum. The attached Zip has a 3D solidworks file, 3D step file, and 2D drawings. 

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