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The Development of 3D Printing Process in China

3D Printing Process is a manufacturing process used to produce parts to a 3D part according to a 3D digital model. With 3D printer and adding material layer by layer, complex plastic or metal parts are created shortly at low cost. At TEAM Rapid, we allow customers to create complex 3D Printing parts with physical and functional properties and offers quality and strength in the manufacturing process for a wide range of industries and applications. Contact us if you need to create Rapid Prototypes or 3D Print Prototypes.

3D Printing Process

How 3D Printing evolves these years?

We are on the 4th Industrial Revolution. Both physical and digital technologies alter how we design, produce, distribute and repair almost everything. The increased demand for customized products and sustainable options have resulted in an increased demand for 3D Printing parts and 3D Print Prototypes. 3D Printing moves beyond prototyping, The use of 3D Printing technology widespread increasingly.

At TEAM Rapid, we use the most advanced 3D Printing technology - metal jet technology to produce production in high volume and production-grade metal parts. Compared to other 3D Printing methods, metal jet technology produces functional final pats with up to 50x more productivity. The cost of metal jet technology is lower than binder jetting.

What are the trends of 3D Printing?

A tread that we see today is digital manufacturing is widely used in many production applications which across the automotive, industrial and medical industries. In auto industry, the focus on developing production grated material for auto application is increasing. 3D Printing manufacturing allow automotive industry to manufacture applications in new ways which were impossible in the parts. 3D Printing manufacturing has the ability to design application specific parts for individual models.

What innovative technologies have been used in with 3D Printing?

The powerful example of 3D Printing we have seen is how 3D suppliers and digital produced are working together to produce key applications to help fight COVIN-19. TEAM Rapid, as a global 3D Printing manufacturer, we produce face mask adjusters, hand-free door handles, ventilator valves for global hospitals and healthcare providers. 3D Printing technology has been used everything from car parts, to prosthetic limbs making peoples life more convenient.

How 3D Printing Benefits the manufacturing industry?

3D Printing reinvents the way products are conceived, designed, produced and distributed. 3D Printing lower both development and production cost. An increasing number of manufacturers are using 3D Printing Technology to stay competitive and produce parts quicker. In the digital future, the production of product will get closer to consumer and allows products could be mass customized by traditional manufacturing processes. Designers have freedom to create new categories of products. Manufacturers will shorten supply chains with ability to custom produce anything anywhere.

What are the challenges of 3D Printing?

It is important to think about designing for 3D Printing from initial stage, think about how development is staged to mass production and how to optimize the supply chains. With 3D Printing, a re-learning process which need to happen the majority those limitations no longer apply. The possibilities of design are endless. The new skills which must be obtained to leverage these possibilities fully. Engineers must learn the mechanics of 3D Printing to be experts in the processes and the best support during production.

Why choose TEAM Rapid for 3D Printing?

3D Printing allows manufacturing to make 3D Print Prototypes more successfully. They can print new parts with advancement of design, by a simple tweak on the software, and print quickly. So, saving time and money rather than if they need to crate new mold every time. 3D Printing allows incredible quantity to be made in a shot time. At TEAM Rapid, we use mullt jet fusion 3D Printing solution to make more than 5,000 parts a day. Contact us today if you need to create Rapid Prototypes or 3D Print Prototypes. 

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