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Rapid Tooling and Rapid Prototyping

Getting your products to market quicker than competitors is a key factor to success. It is useful to produce parts by rapid prototyping. In today’s market, many rapid prototyping processes are available in product design. Rapid Tooling includes prototype tooling, prototype mold and soft helps to produce parts faster and inexpensively. This will help manufacturers to validate design and test parts before they spend a huge of money in production tooling. This article is about rapid prototyping process.

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid tooling is a simple way to build molds in a short period of time. Mold maker could build molds in hours or days instead of several weeks or months. Rapid tooling is an ideal way to make prototypes or a few numbers of parts before running into mass production. Rapid Tooling Process is responsible for building core, cavity, and side actions of the parts.

There are a number of advantages for choosing rapid prototyping services. Rapid prototyping is cheap, fast and effective which help to get products in to market faster. Its cost saving factor make it to be an ideal choice for low-volume production. 

Rapid tooling makes it possible to get thousand or hundreds of thousands of cycles out the one tooling. Rapid prototyping offers a cheaper way to see how the parts will be in real-world. It allows manufacturers to test and confirm if they made the correct material choices. With the help of rapid prototyping, designers can create parts combining complicated surfaces and shapes. Rapid prototyping reduces the time as it is no need to do patterns, molds, tools by using rapid prototyping. Rapid Prototyping is an automated process so designers can adjust design concept very quickly. This time saving help manufacturers to get their parts in market quicker. Manufacturers can use rapid prototypes for stress and impact testing as they are molded as what they would be in mass production. This will help to save money.

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