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What Is Low Volume Pressure Die Casting?

Low volume die casting is a casting service which offers production quality parts in low volume ranging from one unit to 1,000 units or even lesser by sample mold, soft mold or machining process. Low volume die casting is increasingly used for creating many products in development stages. Low volume die casting allow a limited investment in tooling and materials. It offers quicker access to markets, rapid response to shorter product life cycles. It also acts as a bridge between prototypes and high-volume production. Low volume die casting is a fast part manufacturing method for low volume parts before the final and required pressure die casting.


At TEAM Rapid, our team of engineers are able to produce hundreds of thousands of parts quickly by our low volume die casting services. Many people think manufacturing price per unit goes down as production quality goes up. This is true but not in the case of Low volume die casting. At TEAM Rapid, our experienced engineers provide a great way to customers to avoid huge investments while keep producing high quality pressure die casting parts. Our engineers will help customers each step of Low volume die casting from design to inspection and shipping.

Low Volume Pressure Die Casting


What are the benefits of Low Volume Pressure Die Casting?

Low volume die casting acts as a communication and relationship bridges between prototypes and mass production.

Low volume die casting lowers overall cost with no minimum quantity.

Low volume die casting process offers fast access to the market.

Low volume die casting allows quick design changes and rapid response to shorter part life cycles.

Low volume die casting allows customer to get exceptional applicability from the test products.

Low volume die casting parts occupy the markets quickly and efficiently.

Low volume die casting does not require huge money investment.

Low Volume Die Casting allows manufacturers to find the issues and solve functional problems in production without effecting mass production plan.

Low volume die casting allows to produce complex parts rapidly and precisely.

Low volume die casting saves time and allows manufacturers to experience functional parts at early stage.


How to control the quality of Low Volume Die Casting Production?

TEAM Rapid, as a professional low volume die casting manufacturer, we control the quality of production.

We offer continuous improvement, quick results and customer satisfaction.

Our engineers follow customers requirements and specifications strictly.

We offer die casting materials authenticity guarantee.

We have a set of management and quality control process from the suppliers to the process to ensure high quality low volume die casting parts.


Low Volume Die Casing save cost

Many people think the costs per low volume die casting part go down as the quantity goes up. They think if they want cheaper parts, they should produce in high quality. It is unnecessary if you run high volume die casting production and you have to invest in expensive tools. And the tools have to be hardened and heat-treated to withstand high temperature and harsh environments.


Low volume die casting is a great way to avoid huge investments while keep the parts with high quality.

DFM - Design for manufacturing allows to optimized the parts and mold design to lower the cost.

Rapid tooling At TEAM Rapid, our rapid tooling process lowers the mold cost.

One stop solution TEAM Rapid is a one-stop low volume die casting manufacturer. We offer on-time delivery.


TEAM Rapid is specializing in low volume production of metal and plastic part from prototype and low volume production. Even customers need only one piece, we can deliver individual parts and complete assemblies quickly. You can take your products to market with our low volume manufacturing service. If you need a few parts or prototypes, contact our team with your 3D file to get a free quote. 

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