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3D Printing Prototypes Saves Production Costs


Choose rapid prototyping during product development steps helps you to save money and time. Correct 3D printing prototypes can lower the cost of the whole manufacturing process. Choosing good prototype suppliers that offer high Prototyping Services help to take full advantage of rapid prototyping technology.

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During product development process, 3D printing inspires designers without spending too much money in whole production cost. During production process, 3D printing helps to improve the part quality at the lower cost. With 3D printing, manufacturers are able to make lightweight products and create customized product and design for every customer.  


With 3D printing, manufacturers may be able to use rapid prototyping techniques instead of traditional tool manufacturing methods for some certain projects. 3D printing can remain desired performance and appearance of the parts. And 3D printing process enables to produce assemblies instead of single parts which significantly reduce the time and labor costs.


It takes time to build the molds which are used to produce parts by traditional injection molding methods. During the mold creating process, mold maker may need to make several corrections to optimize the tool design, and constructions before the part meet specific requirements. By 3D printing technology, manufacturers can create parts from CAD design directly. So, 3D printing is more competitive compared to traditional manufacturing methods.


3D Printing Prototypes allow designers to optimize the design without invest huge cost like traditional development process. When the final design is set, the model can be optimized for the printing process to achieve desired appearance. 3D prototyping services will help even if designers want to change or modify design. Designers can optimize the design to use material as less as possible. For example, designers can use honeycomb design to reduce the product weight and manufacturing cost. These techniques are difficult to achieve by traditional manufacturing.


TEAM Rapid is one of the reliable Prototype Suppliers that offer high quality prototyping services. Our team of engineers offers creative solution to manufacturing problems to optimize manufacturing process and reduce the cost. If you need help on you next prototyping projects, reach out to TEAM Rapid at today.

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