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Why Choose TEAM Rapid as Your Manufacturer?

Low Volume Manufacturing Services


At TEAM Rapid, we understand customer cause success is our maximal pride, we strive to provide better quality and lower cost Rapid Prototyping China and low volume manufacturing services to our customers. Our ISO procedures allow us to do the following:


1. Work together with your design and engineering team to guarantee products manufacturing feasibility. Most of our engineers have over than 10 years engineering experience, we know better about rapid prototyping, tooling and injection molding.

2. We consult on sourcing the best raw materials to meet your products applications and function.

3. We strive to processing with the best process and tooling method to save your cost and time in rapid prototyping and low volume manufacturing.

4. We conduct thorough DFM reviews, we are purposed to solve all the potential issues before manufacturing and get high quality parts.

5. We provide mold details and Moldflow analysis for our rapid injection project. We take care of plastic filling, cooling time, cycle time as well as the potential injection defects. Our target is to cut down any potential quality risks that limit launching into the market quickly.

6. We provide the one-stop service to meet your design needs. We are not only offer the machining service but also help you to outsourcing the assembly and packaging, we consider about the end of life for the products.

7. We are based in China with western managements and procedures. Our prices will be 40%~60% cost lower compared to Western prices and competitive even among the Chinese manufacturers.

8. We provide in process reports timely and guarantee you know the project status transparently.

9. 100% inspection before shipping, we promise you can get the parts as your expectations.


Are you looking for manufacturing services for your next project? Contact our team at , let us provide the best solution for you.



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