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Precision Component Manufacturer

TEAM Rapid is a leading manufacturer of CNC precision components. Our high quality OEM CNC precision components are widely used in a wide range of industries like defense, renewable energy, medical device, robotics, telecommunications, optical, laser industries and more. We always aim to provide customers with best services including individually or in combination of engineering, precision machining, assembly, treatment and finishing. Our best quality, competitive cost and fast delivery always meet and even exceed customers’ expectations. 

Precision CNC Machining

At TEAM Rapid, we are able to engineer and machining a wide range of metals and plastics. Our effective Precision CNC Machining equipment allows us to achieve tight tolerances while offering the most competitive cost to customers. At the beginning of projects, our team of engineers will go through the projects with customers to better understand what and how the part will be, and why specifications are selected. We will analysis if chosen materials and all specifications are the best choices, if changes are necessary to lower the part cost and increase profit to customers.

We have typical machine tools, CNC, milling, turning and swiss-turning machines. Whether customers use CNC milling alone or together with our precision laser and laser-guided machining, customers will get many benefits. They will achieve better machining accuracy than ever. They will save money and time. We offer convenient source for all services that customers need. As CNC machines are programmed to do a series of actions, produce machined parts by using CNC machines can minimize the risk of human errors. Computerized machining operation is faster than manual machining operation which allows better production capacities. And CNC machines run continuously without effecting part quality.

Our skilled machinists have rich knowledge in different types of machining. For example, iron, steel alloys, light metals etc. Except for these common types of material, we also offer processing of most plastics, exotic and advanced metallic materials like stainless steel, duplex, titanium, titanium alloys and more. No matter customers need metal or plastic machining parts, we are able to machine with their specific tolerances.

TEAM Rapid has the capacity to create reliable, long-lasting turned CNC precision parts which beyond precision no matter prototype, low volume or high volume production runs. With more than 10 years experience, our CNC machinists can help to bring design to life. To start your next CNC precision machining projects or learn more about our services, reach out to us at for Precision Component Manufacturer today.

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