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Mold & Molding-Something You Need to Know


Injection molding is a common process applied widely in volume manufacturing plastic parts. Mold and molding are two main parts in the injection Molding process. Here, we are going to talk about the mold and molding.


A mold consists of a series of metal blocks which purpose of making products, we hollow the metal block to build the shape of products. Molten plastic flows into a mold through a sprue and fills cavities along of runners and gates. After cooling process, the mold is opened and the part is ejected out via ejector plate or ejector rod.


The molten resin is introduced into the cavity through the sprue, runner and gate, we get the part after cooling down process. Since obtaining only one part by one shot is very inefficiency, we usually make a cavity Mold to include the small or similar size parts, then get several parts by one shot. Due to the length of the runner to each cavities is different, which may lead to cosmetic, dimensions or properties different cavity by cavity. Therefore, we usually the runner to have the same length from the sprue to each cavity.



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