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Do You Need Sheet Metal Prototype for Testing Your Design


Sheet metal fabrication has become a very important part of product development process. A reliable manufacturer can give you the best suggestion not only to meet the requirements of product’s feature and application, but also make the manufacturing process simply for cutting down the cost. At TEAM Rapid, we recommend the best sheet metal fabrication process to serve our customers’ needs.

Sheet Metal Part

We can create Sheet Metal Prototype for product development research and marketing. No matter sheet metal brackets and connectors duct fittings to complex enclosures for on prototype part or low-volume and/or production parts.


TEAM Rapid can provide the high-quality sheet metal fabrication services are listed as such:


1.  Sheet metal housing

2.  Network storage equipment

3.  Countersinking

4.  Metal intake manifold

5.  Laser Cutting

6.  Welding

7.  Bending

8.  Stamping

9.  Assembly

10. Support prototypes or low-volume manufacturing


We are skill in all areas of sheet metal fabrication and complete prototyping services, allowing us to meet customers’ different production needs and utilize our manufacturing capabilities. We understand how to manufacture parts at lower cost and better quality.


For more information about custom sheet metal prototype or any of our other Rapid Prototyping Service and low volume manufacturing service, please mail us at . Let us quote your next pending project.


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